Who is taket for?

taket is designed for companies looking to proactively improve their competitiveness, especially those with more than one point of sale, whether consumption-based (networks, chains, franchises ...) or service-based (financial institutions, hospitals, health centres...).

taket reduce la complejidad de la gestión de muchos puntos de venta y aprovecha el potencial derivado de disponer de una plataforma inmejorable en la que "escuchar" a los clientes durante el acto de compra.

Ig you need answers to these questions,
then you need taket

  • Are my customers fullu satisfied with the treatment received?
  • How does the staff treat my customers in my absence?
  • Why do my customers come back? Why do some not?
  • How to remain in commercial contact with my customers?
  • How can I boost impulse sales?
  • How to optimise my marketing budget and increase profitability?
  • Do my franchisees look after my brand? Do they meet the standards?
  • ¿How...?

Are you a franchisee?

So needless to explain that the image of any establishment is a basic key point when it comes to achieving success.

The image quality and proximity that any franchisee has achieved and consolidated is the result of the work of all members of the chain, so this is a very important mission to fulfill that must be respected by all members of the network.

The bad image that one of them can transmit will have a negative impact on the rest of the components and chain members.

But not only that! It is also somewhat essential to monitor that the adequacy rules proposed by the headquarters are being respected, as well as to care for the corporate identity and the quality of service offered to customers by the employees.

The perceived image is the first argument the prospective customer evaluates to decide to come back a second time and, ultimately, to be a loyal customer of the franchise.

This is why you as a franchisor look after your brand image, which was obtained with a large investment and determination. Well, taket will help you to take care of your image and your customers in the distance.

Can you imagine being able to control all your franchise's points of sale as well as obtaining key information on: the perception of the image of your business in public, the quality of service your franchisees provide, the compliance with your rules, the satisfaction level of your customers...? And all in real time?

Contact us and speak with us! We will surely find a tailored solution to look after your image.


"Listening well is profitable"